Sat. Jun 25th, 2022
Special Assistant working with her boss.

The hiring manager of Los Angeles County’s department of Human Resources is looking for an enthusiastic candidate who specializes in a fast-paced, mission-oriented team setting, for the job of special assistant.

The County of Los Angeles offers limitless options to people interested in a career in public service, as well as a platform for professional and personal growth.

In the sectors of hiring, promotion, discipline, wage and employee benefits, employee/applicant challenges, categorization, and training, the LA County Department of Human Resources handles the County’s human resources policy creation and execution.

Why Should you Pursue a Career in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, sometimes known as the City of Angels, is the world’s third-largest city, with a population of roughly 4 million people. Los Angeles, popularly referred to as Hollywood, is a huge and diversified playground of possibilities.

  • The IT sector in Los Angeles is expanding presently, making it a hotbed for entrepreneurial ventures.
  • LA has become a compacted mix of individuals with distinct and in-demand skill sets since it is at the heart of entertainment and service.
  • When you move to Los Angeles, you will notice that the people are kind and laid-back.
  • Los Angeles is amongst the most culturally diverse cities in the United States, with the highest population of people living outside their native nations.
  • Los Angeles is well-known for its entertainment business, which provides a large number of job opportunities.

Job Details:

Department: Los Angeles County Department of Human Resources
Location: Los Angeles County, CA
Salary: $105,034 – $141,544 a year
Job Type: Full-Time
Posted: 14 Days Ago

Job Description:

Under the guidance of a recreational manager, a recreational assistant is responsible for conducting administrative support responsibilities.

Your role includes creating an activity schedule for participants as well as supervising activities to provide support and maintain safety.

organize, coordinate, and supervise leisure activities, recreational facilities, special events, and other related programes.

This job requires a dynamic and resilient individual who can understand the Director’s goals and effectively communicate great achievements and essential communications to the board offices, divisions, other elected representatives, and the public in order to uphold the Department’s objective, perspective, and morals.

A passion for the transformative potential of parks and programming, as well as a real commitment to eliminating park injustices and providing access to all, will be required of the chosen candidate.

Ideal Candidate Profile:

A highly driven and innovative self-starter with good communication, social, and interpersonal abilities will be considered the ideal candidate for the job of Special Assistant.


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